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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top Iphone Pregnancy Apps for Mom and Dad

I admit that I'm sort of a geek also..but not extremely geeky to the extend of wearing geeky glasses and holding laptop wherever i go LOL. I'm a Application Support Engineer with also a background of Software Engineering so I do honestly loves anything to do with computers and technology (Gadgets). Me and my wife we both own an iPhone and today I thought of sharing a couple of best iPhone pregnancy app that we personally uses and some others as well for all future/current expecting parents. So here we go. (I personally have them all on my Iphone as well)

1. iPregnancy - This app is one of the famous and most recommended app for pregnancy. I personally use this with also Baby Bump which i will cover next. This app is really extensive and very useful. You can have all your baby information in there as well as your Obstetrician visits information, reminder, important contact numbers, storing baby names suggestions, week to week information for you to know on the pregnancy (General), and you can also share your information to Facebook & Twitter. The only downside for me is the interface is kind of plain and lack the 'baby theme' that's all but it generally does what it's suppose to do. You can't expect much (in terms of design) when it's coming from a pediatrician.

2. Baby Bump - What i like most about baby bump other than the usual must-have functions is the interface and also the theme of the app, It really captures the true nature of the app. It has week to week information on pregnancy, journal, photo album, kick counter, contractions, database of baby names, and one feature called 'Birth' where in there you can set your birth plan, newborn essentials checklist, and also a neat feature of 'Birth Announcement' where as soon as your baby is born you can set all the details (name,weight,gender,D.O.B, length) and send the 'Announcement' by email, twitter, and also Facebook. This is to me the best iphone pregnancy app and I really recommend this to moms and dads out there!!

Preconception Apps

iPeriod from winkpass
1. iPeriod - For those planning to have baby or just keeping your period information, this is one of the apps that my wife uses.
2. Period Tracker - Another apps for the ladies out there which is also used by my wife. We use it both to keep track on her period and also for us to keep track on the best date to try an conceive.

There you go guys, I've listed a couple of the best iPhone app that I personally use (and still using). You can go to HERE for more detailed review on both of the apps.

Earn With Apps
Now, I do believe that there's plenty of other pregnancy apps for mom and dad out there, some of them are good and some of them are pretty bad. But the worst thing is they still make money out of it? You wondered how on earth did they do that? Well, I'm a developer myself (but not on mobile apps - not yet!) and I came around on some ideas on improving the pregnancy apps out there and make tons of money but I'm not familiar with apps programming. So I did a research and found an interesting guide book that is very interesting on how to start from scratch (developing made easy) until the part where you'll be making money out of it! Highly recommended!
Make iPhone Apps
or for those thinking "Hey..I don't have any experience at all on programming, how do I achieve that?" Well, there's another excellent guide titled How To Create iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience. Have you heard of the ridiculous app called iFart? and how a Crazy iFart App Debate Turned into a $54,657 Profit in Just 30 Days. The guide will show You How to Turn Your iPhone App idea into Cash Without Programming, Expensive Equipment, or Complicated Software. Try it!

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