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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Disney Online Study: Moms Spend 24 Hours a Week Online

Latest study by Disney on Moms online habits shows that they spend their time online at least 24 hours a week. Disney Online‘s M.O.M. – Mom on a Mission study was conducted in June 2010 by Ipsos OTX MediaCT, with the objective of gaining insights to understand today’s Mom, her roles, and how technology and the Internet affect her life. The study was conducted in two phases: consumer immersion blogs and online quantitative study. In Phase One, nine moms interacted in an online, secure blogging environment by uploading images, video and text for one week. In Phase Two, an online quantitative study was conducted with a sample of 3,300 females, ages 21-54, who were either currently pregnant or had one child in their household between the ages of 0-14 years.

When asked about how they use technology, Moms said that the different devices they use make being a Mom easier. According to the study, Moms use the following technology and devices:

  • Computer (89%)
  • Internet (87%)
  • Mobile Device (84%)
  • Television (80%)
  • Digital Camera (77%)
  • CD/DVD Player (75%)
  • Social Networks (55%) 
Moms said they also use technology to create more opportunities for family bonding activities such as playing games on the Nintendo Wii and watching movies on their DVD and Blu-ray player.
Moms Start Their Day with Coffee and the Internet
Moms spend the most time on the Internet between the hours of 5am and noon, so they can get a lot done! They use the Internet to connect with others, find information, plan activities and for entertainment. They check email, visit their favorite sites, manage tasks and read the news. With all that Moms have on their plate, they are very task oriented while online:
Three out of four Moms go online with a specific activity or goal in mind
Moms spends an average of 6.9 hours a week online connecting with family and friends: 84% stay connected through email and 69% through social networks
In an average week, Mom spends one full day online!
Moms Turn to the Internet First for Information:

For subjects other than their child’s health, Moms turn to the Internet as their primary source of information:
71% go online to find deals or discounts
71% to find recipes
62% for family activities, entertainment and travel
59% for personal health questions
56% to find arts/crafts projects
54% for holiday planning and activities
50% to find dieting information
49% for beauty/style
46% to seek answers for financial questions
42% for parenting advice
41% to answer questions on baby/pregnancy

Now...what about how many hours a week a father spend online for things matters about their family?

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