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Thursday, December 9, 2010

To my child: This is your story..

Hi to all the readers out there..especially to the newly dad out there like me :-) The reason I'm writing this blog is to share my joy and journey of becoming a parent from a dad point of view. Since the positive pregnancy test news came to me, I can't stop thinking and thought about writing about it..I'm not too sure about other similar blogs or websites but normally I would find blogs on expecting mothers more than the fathers. So I would share all my encounters, tips, products used, articles and a lot more which i found useful for us Dad's..and most importantly..I hope this blog will become a historical journey that will be remembered and read by my son/daughter when he/she grow up..and hopefully he/she will take note on the love and hardships of their parent and becomes a better person and parents one day..

To my child...this is your story..

6 Weeks Old Approximate

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