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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daddy and Mummy 'Camping' at PUSRAWI

Today at 10 O'clock, mummy checkout from PUSRAWI after two nights stay. Alhamdullillah nothing bad to be worried of. The doctor is still figuring out what's the cause of the gastric pain, the ultrasound came up positive and there's no sign of any liver-stone or anything like that. For now the doctor supplied mummy with some medicines and follow up checkup is scheduled for next week to see if the pain still persists. Granny called and she said it's alright and Daddy shouldn't worry too much as long as nothing critical found,. She said it's parts and parcels of pregnancy and becoming a mommy. If the pain still persists, the doctor will perform endoscopic procedure to see what's wrong with her esophagus. We will try to avoid that as much as possible due to the reason of you being still so young (8 weeks) and for the procedure to be done, mommy must be given a dosage of sleeping pills which is not recommended for pregnancy below 12 weeks.

Mummy complains she looks bloated due to the constant IV drop given to her but she still looks pretty to daddy hehehe..and today finally Daddy get to sleep properly on a bed instead of the small couch in the hospital...Pregnancy is tough, but daddy will always be there for Mummy.

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