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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

50 days to go!

50 days to go...Daddy and Mummy can't wait to see you..preparation is almost at 95% done...last weekend daddy and mummy went and bought you a cot, bather and also a couple of other things..We're now preparing mommy's emergency travel bag..This weekend we'll be bringing back your cot to your 'atuk' and 'nenek' (haven't figured out what Atuk and Nenek wants to be called..let's stick to 'atuk' and 'nenek' for now shall we :-D ) place and Atuk will give your cot a finishing touch by painting it white like your mom's favorite color. Last Monday's checkup was great and your mom's doing very well except that her gastric problem has come back which is normal for her stage now. Your in a good position and actively kicking and tickling mommy every now and then..mummy can't stand it at times as it makes her want to go to the toilet every time you did that LOL..

So..50 days to go..mommy and daddy will start preparing mentally as well..hopefully the whole process will go on smoothly and safely..InsyaAllah..Can't wait to see you my boy.. :-*

Spot On Square Eicho Eco-friendly Crib, White
White Baby Cot
Summer Infant Newborn-Toddler Bath Center & Shower- Blue 


  1. so sweeeeeet... :) enjoy these last few weeks as a couple, bcoz ur gonna be a party of 3 after this!

  2. cant wait to hear the good news

  3. Syigim & Fitri: Thanks! Now trying to get as much quality time and sleep together before we both turned into 'Zombie' mode during daytime..well at least I know I am for at least 60 days! hehehe

  4. Awesome is so exciting! You will love being a parent and all the exciting discoveries! Come and share our experiences at Merewether Life we are doing everything online!
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