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Friday, April 22, 2011

Gynea Visit 006 - It's getting closer and closer

It's getting closer and closer (Less than 100 days to go!) and Daddy and Mummy can't wait to see you..I'ts been a while since the last gynea visit and in between that actually mummy has gone to 3 different checkups. This time we decided not to go to Gombak Medical Centre anymore as we find it quite expensive, instead we went to mummy's other gynea panel near our new house which is cheaper and friendlier. At the same time mummy has started to go to local government clinic with her best friend Aunty Amy who's also about 1 month behind mummy. So there you go, she's going to be your new friend :-) So far, Alhamdulillah, mummy went through all the checkup and she's doing quite well and you too! Preparation is going well and we have bought a lot of stuff for you..
Dedicated Drawer For You

Stainless Steel OrganicKidz Bottle - Cool eh!

Stainless Steel OrganicKidz Bottle - All the way from US!
For those interested for the OrganicKidz bottle you can get it HERE online. It's really cool BPA Free bottle, not too heavy except for the tiny little problem of measuring the water level (There's an level indicator *inside* the bottle and also the lid doubles as a built in 2oz/60mL measuring cup). Next up, daddy's going to order a couple more stuffs for you and Aunt Farah will bring it back for us when she comes back from US in a month's time. This week mummy and daddy plan to look around for your crib, guess what color it would be? Yes, everything else in our room..your mummy really loves white color.

Last weekend, mummy and daddy was given a sad news by a good friend of daddy, Uncle Sabre. They lost their baby due to miscarriage and the sad part is that it's their first baby girl which is due just next month. We went to PPUM and visit them with Uncle Megat and Aunt Mar. After that we went to A&W for dinner together as it's been a while since we last met Aunt Mar and Megat Amsyar (your soon to be friend :-) ).
Aunt Mar and Uncle Megat changing Amsyar
Last 2 weeks, daddy got  a present from mummy for our first anniversary, a Mountain Bike! Guess that I'll be riding on weekends after this with Uncle Hezry. I need to keep my self fit so that I can have my daily 'battle' with you soon! :-D and when you grow up I'll buy you a bike and we can ride together ya!
Mummy's present for daddy

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