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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kuih Raya Online & Baby

About 22 days to go and I'm so excited to hold you in my arms my dear son. Mummy are getting anxious and scared at the same time but daddy will always be by her side and telling her that everything's going to be O.K and the thoughts of holding you in our arms made her calm. Her back pain and gastric has gotten worse but not too serious Alhamdulillah and last Monday's checkup gone well and we're just counting days. To get my mind off this a little bit, Daddy now started a small business with your Uncle Alan selling Kuih Raya for this upcoming Hari Raya. So for those reading this post and interested in buying some Hari Raya cookies (although it's still early hehe) you can swing by to my website at and reserve your cookies :-)

So, everything's ready hopefully we didn't left anything out. This saturday, mummy and daddy will go to the hospital just to have an idea on where exactly to go when the time comes. Everybody is looking forward to see you... :-)


  1. keep posted when the baby arrives

  2. @Fitri: Will do..another 10 days to go :-)


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