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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pop It or Drop It guys..and WIN!

Boom! Boom! Choco loco loco Boom! Boom! Boom! Choco loco Boom! Boom! LOL...To my unborn child..I'm sorry for not updating that much recently..Daddy still busy with a couple of stuff's..and it's all for you..and for US as a family! You guys reading this must be wondering what on earth is this guy yelling at :-D
I just remembered how much my wife loves Choclairs chocolate from Cadbury when I saw this cool and exciting game by cadbury on Facebook called 'Pop It or Drop It'. Fantastic prizes awaits those who got the highest tempting! so tempting!, go ahead, click on the image and play on Facebook..I already did and the more you wait..the more chance I get to take the prizes away from you! LOL

Weekly Prizes:

Second Prize: 1 x HTC Wildfire

Pop It Or Drop It - Click on the Image to Play and Win!

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