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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gynea Visit 003 - My Child Is a Future F1 Driver

Dear 'Anakku',

Yesterday was one of those days where daddy and mummy's heartbeats will skyrocket to the roof. Why? It's because we get to see you and see how are you doing, we're so worried and anxious to know if you're OK, how much have you grown up, to see you in action. Guess what? It's either you want to be a F1 driver when you grow up or like what mummy said to daddy after the checkup "Daddy! I think you better start saving now for a CAR" LOL. Well I can assure you that at least you'll be getting (baby) bucket seat for now :-D . You we're in a position where you looked like you're driving a car and it was funny and touching at the same time. You we're moving around in your mummy's tummy but you didn't face us (shy eh?) :-P . You've grown twice bigger than we last saw you, now at 6.++ cm we almost can tell whether you're a boy or a girl. Be it you're a boy or a girl, we will flourish you will all our love and tenderness, we will gave you proper education, teach you on religion, and hopefully you'll turn into a fine person one day. So, Daddy will see you in a month's time, and at the same time, grow up fast and healthy and don't give you mummy a hard time OK? :-)



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