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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Week - Zaher Imran's been a while since my last post here..almost 2 months..The fact is I've time upon time "tried" to update this blog and the only time I have everyday is at work and a couple of weeks before this new blogger interface..I was having problem using it at work and at home..It just doesn't work properly and out of frustration I just left this post there and only today I found time to do it. This new interface seems to be working fine. OK..back to the main dearest "mucuk" Zaher Imran who's today is 59 days old...(Yeah2..I know I haven't been updating in a while)..I'm just going to post a couple of his first week pictures and some descriptions and maybe in the next post I'll talk more about him..I'm too lazy and tired today (Newly Dad syndrome is still in effect hehehe) enjoy the pics :-)

Place of Birth: Hospital Selayang
Waiting patiently throughout the night

Both mommy and baby in Operation Room at this moment (around 7 am)

My precious little munchkin..Zaher Imran
Best thing to do right now...yeah...Sleep..and sleep..

Ikan Haruan masak stim by Daddy and Sup Ikan by Atuk

Bedung time!

Solat Time..(In time my son)
Budak 'Nga-Nga' or 'Lopong' Sleep Trademark


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