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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gynea Visit 005 - Kick..kick..kick

Daddy's Back!! I'm sorry for the late post..Daddy was a little bit busy after the trip to Indonesia with mummy, Tok Nan, Tok Ma, and your two uncle. Hmmm...where do I's start with Monday 2 weeks ago when we went for an earlier checkup due to the upcoming trip later that week. We're both very happy to get to see you again, and it's all worth it when we saw you there moving around happilly and the best part is...I swear that I saw you "waving" at us that day, you're so cute! :-D Doctor confirms again that you're a BOY and that makes mummy happy for the reason that she'll now have a piece of mind on what to buy for you in Bandung hehe..

Jogjakarta->Bandung->Jakarta was a tiring but exciting experience because it's the first time we got to travel in a train to Bandung from Jogja and also shopping for your baby stuffs. We bought a lot of cute things for you and even at the time I am writing this..we're discussing on getting you a stroller for babies from UK, Auntie Puya will bring it back for you. Luckily we didn't "borong" the whole Bandung for you LOL. Mummy was very strong along the journey and I hope that you will too grow stronger and healthier.

The last couple of days was one of the happiest days in our parenting calendar as mummy started to feel you moving around in her and kicking her. It was Wednesday midnight (09/03/2011) when we both just about to sleep when you first kick. Now, every single time mummy said that you kicked..Daddy will quickly put Daddy's hand on mummy's belly in hope to catch your movements..but sadly I can't feel it yet..probably you're still too small and the movements could only be felt by mummy. It's alright, Daddy will wait for that day to come :-)

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