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Monday, February 14, 2011

Gynea Visit 004 - It's a Boy!

I See You! :-)

It's a boy! One day you'll understands how daddy and mummy's feelings whenever we got to see you on that black and white screen ( and sometimes yellowish screen they called '4D'). I know it's a bit late for this post to come up as daddy was a bit busy last week. Last Monday mummy perform her latest and first checkup at the local community clinic (just in case that we decided to bring you into this world at our local government hospital) and it went fine. A few days later on Wednesday we went to the regular Gombak Medical Centre to check on you and see you and hoping that we can see whether your a boy or a girl hehe. This is important as Mummy's really excited for the upcoming trip to Yogjakarta-Bandung-Jakarta trip next month..Yeah! we're taking you for a holiday/shopping trip next month with Tok Ma, Tok Nan, and your two uncle! Mummy wants to buy you lots of beautiful clothes (and Daddy will pay for it of course) hence the reason to check for your gender. As soon as the screen turned on..there you are..moving around in mummy's've grown up bigger and now daddy can see you clearly and I can't describe how I was feeling at that time..The doctor let us listen to your heartbeats and it was magnificent..and finally the doctor let us know the greatest news of're a boy! That brings daddy back to the night before where I talked to you and 'pujuk' you to 'reveal' it to us tomorrow hehe and you did show it to us. Last visit to the gynea you hid it from us..mummy said "He's probably too shy to show it to us :-) "

You're getting heavier i guess..mummy starts having back pain and every night daddy would massage her back and also make her a warm milk to give you all the nutrients that you need. Good thing that she's not having the gastric and constant vomiting anymore, it's now I guess just the getting used to the extra weight hence the back pain. So, I guess daddy will be seeing you again next month hopefully and at the mean time, don't be naughty inside there, grow up healthy, and daddy and mummy loves you!

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